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Want to see real sustainable results… Its so EASY… Eat REAL FOOD!

***WARNING*** This short BLOG will give you all the answers to seeing amazing, sustained and long term weight management and health related benefits!


EAT Real” Food for Health & Weight Loss

There is a very simple philosophy that anyone can apply to help them lose weight and improve their general health and well-being – Eat Real Food.  With so much of our food coming pre-packaged these days, or so easily acquired from restaurants, cafes and other food stores, it is easy to go for an extended period without actually eating “Real” food.  What is real food?  Real Food fits within the following simple statement – “If you can’t pick it, catch it or shoot it, you probably shouldn’t be eating it!”

Real Food is fresh, preferably organic, meat, fish, fruits and vegetables.  These foods are free of the preservatives, antibiotics, vegetable oils and other processing faults that can contaminate our food and remove so many of the nutrients that are vital for our health and well-being.  The simple process of removing heavily processed foods from your diet will be an incredible step towards improving your health and fitness.

Real Food also means that it has not been processed in any way.  As such, bread, pasta and other manufactured foods are not considered to be Real Food.  Removing wheat from your diet will free you from ingesting proteins that can bind with nutrients in the body and prevent them from being utilised.  For this reason, some scientists consider wheat (particularly gluten) to be a toxin for humans that should be avoided.

Real Food also applies to your liquid intake.  Constraining your liquid intake to water, coffee, tea and the juice from fruits that are consumed whole (as opposed to fruit juices) should be part of your health program.  The occasional alcoholic beverage is of benefit to the body, but as with all things, moderation is the key.

Be sure to get the bulk of your food each day from plants, with meat and fish added to provide protein from rebuild muscle damaged during sessions at Urban Fitness.

A simple way to approach healthy eating is to “Eat real food, not too much, mostly from plants”.

The Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym have an amazing program called the Lean Down Challenge designed to help keep you on track, teach you where to find these foods, when to eat them and in what quantities!

Simply Click this sentence to be directed to our Lean Down Challenge page and find out more about how for a small cost you can stay motivated and reach amazing results through eating REAL FOOD! 



Your trainers at Urban Fitness will be more than happy to help you progress towards eating Real Food and to help eliminate things from your diet that may be preventing you from reaching your optimal health, fitness and weight levels.

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