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Starting an exercise routine is one thing staying motivated is another and there is no bigger motivating factor than seeing great results.

If you put in the effort with your exercise and eating plan innevitably you should see results right? Well not always! And here is a little reason why this may be happening as well as some ideas of what to do about it before you get frustrated and even more STRESSED than when you started!

Yes STRESS could be the factor holding you back from reaching fat loss goals. At The Urban Fitness blackburn Gym our Blackburn personal Training team believe in a well rounded approach to achieving your goals. So taking into account everything not just exercise or eating is part of what we deliver in our sessions.

Stress is a natural part of life and in small doses stress can be very good for us however get too much of this nasty thing and it could be causing all sorts of issues health wise in particular your efforts to lose fat.

Stress, regardless of the reason, is currently a common way of life. Its obvious effect goes beyond the feeling of anxiety and for some individuals, stress can be detrimental unless you take a step to fight it.

So your probably wondering how on earth can stress cause me to stop losing fat? Well lets explore it a little and look at the effect of a hormone or by product of stress called cortisol.

Corisol is a hormone that is usually released when our body is under stressful situation for relaxation response to make our body return to normal function. This is a completely natural process and in life it is impossible to steer clear of stress with work, kids, family, mortgages, bills etc etc the list is endless and this unfortunately is why stress is becoming more prevelantly related to health concerns and in this discussion inhibiting fat loss.

So the issue is not that we have stress in our lives but the fact we have too much stress and that we are getting further and further away from having good balance of of stress and relaxation in our lives. Hence too much stress and too much of the hormone Cortisol being released into our body!

So why is cortisol such a bad thing when its helping us to relax when were stressed? Well unfortunately cortisols major function is to increase blood glucose levels which can result in increases of abdominal fat, decreased muscle tissue, imbalances in your blood sugar levels can lead to diabetes and even undeveloped thyroid function.

Without including Blackburn fitness in your daily routine of activities, these can all lead to gaining weight or worst case, obesity.

Often on top of cortisol stress is often a key trigger for over eating and indluging in foods that you would otherwise not have eaten again leading to unwanted and excess fat storwage. Don’t worry however as most people in this position are completely unaware of the fact the stress in their lives is inhibiting their results so step 1 is to realise you are under stress, step 2 do something to fix the problem.

It is best to fight off stress by following stress management techniques. Some people find that practicing deep breathing techniques is one of the good ways to reduce stress, others find the way to release stress is through exercising and maybe doing some fun classes such as our Blackburn Boxing or Blackburn Zumba group fitness classes in Blackburn. You can download a FREE CLASS PASS BY CLICKING HERE!

You may need to get away for a few days, take up a hobby but the key is to take action quickly and find something to help you relax on a regular basis!


Best of luck and take it easy!


The Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym Team

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