How to Deadlift... Blackburn personal trainer Andrew shows us how! - The Urban Fitness Club 24/7

How to Deadlift… Blackburn personal trainer Andrew shows us how!

The Deadlift is a foundation exercise for building significant strength and muscular development of almost the entire body but mostly on the posterior chain of muscles. These muscle groups include everything from the Calves, Gluets, Hamstrings, Erector Spinae, Lats, Rhomboids & Trapezius just to name a few.

The Deadlift although a hugely beneficial exercise can be a super dangerous exercise when done incorrectly due to the load that can be placed on the Lumbar Vertebrae.

Be sure to watch this video from Andrew our resident Blackburn Personal Trainer here at The Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym to be sure that your technique is safe and correct.

Remember if you feel pain or do not perform the exercise perfectly its always wise to consult a Personal Trainer first to make sure your technique is perfect! Check out our Blackburn Personal Training Team by clicking >>>HERE<<< or download a FREE 30 minute 1on1 session with a Blackburn Personal Trainer >>>HERE<<<

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