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How Corporate Wellness Boosts Employee Morale?

As a trainer I have spent much time working with clients in differing situations. One of these situations is through company health and fitness initiatives or for the purposes of this blog we will call it “Corporate Wellness” in Blackburn.

So what is corporate wellness? And How can a company introduce it successfully to improve employee morale,  productivity and cohesion?

Let’s find out.

As a business owner myself I know full well that my staff are my number 1 asset, looking after them, training them, motivating them etc etc the list goes on however in my opinion some of the best ways to produce amazing results from your staff is through a smart corporate wellness program.

Firstly lets explore why you would consider offering such benefits to your staff before we talk about how. An active employee is often a happier employee not to mention; they become more productive, able to think smarter and faster producing better and faster results, as well as it increases their confidence in front of others both peers at work, clients and potential prospects.

These are the things that every company should also give importance and as the owner of The Urban Fitness Club Blackburn I believe strongly in looking after your staffs wellness. There are many studies showing that individuals who achieve a level health and wellness are the ones who become successful excelling at their job and perform their task in a very productive way.

Happy people or individuals are highly transmittable, meaning, they can bring a smile to everyone’s faces even during a stressful hour at work plus the fact that it can brighten up your day. You become affected with the optimism that surrounds you or with just a simple smile from that person. Nothing beats a warm smile from a co-workers’ face even on a stressful day! Wellness in your staff will bring a healthy and HAPPY team culture.

And that will surely build on all employee’s morale.

One of the major factors that most companies are facing is employees habitual absenteeism and below average performance. Common reason they’ve had is sickness and many other different illnesses as well as stress at work that will further lead to lack of productive hours every year, so those companies lose significant money due to these issues. Having a health, happy employee will also reduce these issues.

So what can be done to incorporate Corporate Wellness into your workplace?

Consider starting with a sponsored health screen which includes checking your cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar. This will allow you to get a base that employees understand they could mostly all improve their health and fitness.

From there bringing the staff together for a wellness based challenge by teaming staff members up into small groups and have them support one another. Then have these small teams competing with one another as to which group can produce the best results.

This small amount of competition between the teams means that individuals are not signalled out if they are not pulling as hard as others and the small teams support one another.

I have found that running these for an 8-10 week period taking a short break and starting a new one can really see amazing results and changes in the culture of your team members.

Many companies however do not know where to start with incorporating Wellness into the businesses and this is where the team at The Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym can step in to provide you with a complete package from A – Z to run the entire program for you.

If you are interested in finding out more about Corporate Wellness for your business then simple CLICK HERE and complete the short form and our Corporate Wellness Training Team will be in touch shortly!

Best wishes

Ty Menzies and

The Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym & Blackburn Corporate Wellness Training Teams!

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