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What is resistance training?
Resistance training increases muscle strength through the use of weights or body weight exercises.
In order to strengthen specific body areas you need to tailor your workout accordingly.
We suggest that you also consult your medical professional for your suitability to any type of exercise program to make sure you are safe to undertake such exercise.

What is happening when I do resistance training?
Muscle cells adapt to resistance training by increasing their size. Resistance exercise also changes the way in which nerve cells aid or control contraction. When resistance training is undertaken repeatedly and consistently, muscles become stronger.

Beginners obviously see faster results than those who have been training for some time so it is imperative to continually as the Trainers at Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym or our Blackburn Personal Trainers for advice on changing your routine to maximise results.

So what is the lingo used for resistance training?
You may hear the words sets and reps mentioned a lot and these relate to the following;

A rep is the single movement of contraction and relaxation a certain number of reps will make up a set of reps.

What specific benefits does resistance training provide?
The physical and mental health benefits that can be achieved through strength training are countless.

  • Weight management – resistance training can help preserve and enhance muscle mass and reduce body fat. As you build muscle mass, your body burns kilojoules. Even when you are not exercising, these cells still burn up energy making it easier to control your weight.
  • Controlled Diabetes by improving insulin sensitivity and the body’s ability to store glucose.
  • Reduced chance of falls & fractures. As resistance training builds muscle strength, which protects your joints and improves stability and balance.
  • Protecting your joints may assist with preventing and controlling arthritis. A sedentary lifestyle can result in loss of bone density, increasing your risk of osteoporosis. Resistance training increases bone density and strength so it can be especially important in preventing falls in older people and decrease everyone’s risk of injury.
  • Other benefits of resistance training include:
    · Prevention and control of health conditions such as heart disease
    · Pain management
    · Improved posture
    · Improved sleep patterns
    · Enhance mood and decrease feelings of depression
    · Increased self-esteem

 What should I be aware of while resistance training?

  • Seek help from a professional book a FREE 30 minute session with a trainer at The Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym by clicking HERE.
  • Faulty equipment will significantly increase your risk of injury.
  • Warm up and cool down properly
  • Do not hold your breath when you are doing weights – learn to exhale at the point of greatest exertion.
  • Control the weights at all times – don’t throw them up and down or use momentum to ‘swing’ the weights through their range of motion.
  • It is better to work out with a partner if you are a beginner or are using heavy weights.
  • Balance your training so that you are working muscles on the front and rear of the body. An imbalance in strength between muscle groups can lead to injury.
  • Make sure you train the deep stabilising or core muscles appropriately. These include the rotator cuff in the shoulder and the deep stabilisers of the low back and neck.
  • Avoid training if you are ill or injured.

 I don’t want to get any bigger wont resistance training do that?

For males this is not as common a question but 1 here at Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym that we still get and for the lads we suggest slightly lighter weights and higher rep ranges.

However for woman the biggest misconception is that lifting weights at all will make them bigger, this however twodigitsgame is a complete myth.

For woman the lack of testosterone is just not in large enough supply for woman to grow large muscle mass instead the muscle density increases providing that toned harder feel to the muscles. Girls if you want to look toned then lift and lift heavy!

Doesn’t muscle turn to fat when you stop though?
No. Muscle tissue is a completely different type of tissue to fat. As muscles are worked, they tend to become leaner and harder as they grow stronger.
However you should be careful to match your food intake to your exercise: if you reduce your exercise regime, you won’t need as much intake, so cut down on food.

But I keep putting on weight yet losing measurements?
Muscle is denser and weighs more than fat but it takes up less space. Muscle is firm, while fat is soft and unformed. A program of weight training, combined with healthy eating and aerobic exercise, can cause you to lose centimetres. So even if you are one of those people whose weight might not drop, you will look and feel much better.

Where do I go for more information?
Before you start any exercise program, you should talk to your GP, especially if you are over 40, overweight, pregnant or have a pre-existing condition.
A qualified personal trainer can help you set goals and show correct resistance training techniques.
A physiotherapist can assist you if you have any previous injuries.

If you would like further information or help from a qualified Personal Trainer at The Urban Fitness Blackburn  Gym then why not download a FREE 30min 1 on 1 session with 1 of our trainers Just CLICK HERE.

Best wishes The Urban Fitness Blackburn Personal Training Team


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