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Functional Fitness in Blackburn for any age group


Get fit, with functional fitness in Blackburn:

Have you ever felt like climbing a flight of stairs was a chore, carrying groceries were
like carrying an overweight child or doing yard work was like working on a farm?
These activities require you to support your own bodyweight, like standing, bending and carrying things.

If for instance you are walking down the street and you slip on a wet area of the pavement you will need to fire muscles in your legs, abdomen, lower back even your toes simultaneously to quickly stabilize your body and keep yourself from falling.
Your body needs to work as a single unit. Functional fitness works on the same principals in a way and should be a priority along with weight training and cardiovascular training as part of your exercise routine at the gym in Blackburn.

Did you know that form follows function? Older adults require better coordination,
balance and posture, this is critical for everyday life. Training for life will prepare your body so it can perform daily activities like climbing stairs, lifting things, walking and bending without discomfort, pain or injury.

Functional training at Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym challenges the body to work as a whole, firing up the muscles in the correct pattern. When training you should use multiple muscle groups in an integrated fashion to get the real life benefits of resistance training.
This is an essential component for any fitness program and a well rounded fitness program should always incorporate some functional fitness training.

The Blackburn Personal Trainers at Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym can always lend a hand in giving ideas for exercises to do in the gym, that will lead to functional gains.

For instance training on a stability ball is very helpful. While working on the ball you activate muscles deep in the pelvis, back, abdominals and hips every time the ball moves.
More calories are burned, and more muscle is built due to the increase of muscle activity.
Stronger muscles further enhance function by stabilizing joints, reducing the risks of falls, and improving balance and coordination. Muscle strength can be greatly improved by as little as eight weeks of resistance and functional training.

Exercise equipment you can find at Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym needed for functional fitness training includes:
• Resistance bands
• Exercise balls
• Body weight
• Medicine balls
• Dumbbells
• Synergy

So if you want to improve human performance, Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym could be the place to get started whether it be through group fitness or with our knowledgeable Blackburn Personal Training team.

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