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It’s amazing when we talk to clients about their training and their number 1 goal is to achieve a flat stomach.

So I wanted to address well what is the best way to reach such a goal..

All too often I look around the gym and see a lot of people doing hundreds of sit ups, crunches, rotational exercises and side bends trying to get those sexy flat abs they see in magazines and on T.V. But is that really the secret?

You would think that after all those repetitions, with so many different exercises, that they would have already achieved that elusive, tight midsection but all to often they continue to chase it thinking they are on the right track.

Unfortunately all those exercises will NOT get you the result you want and please don’t believe the ab master pro 5000 infomercials telling you that just 5minutes a day will make you look like the chiseled athlete they are showing on the screen!

So what the is the secret?

Well today is your lucky day! You are now about to find out what exercise is the best ever at getting you those flat abs.

That’s right, just in time for summer, you are about to find out the most useful exercise ever at getting those flat abs you’ve always wanted. Now don’t get too excited, it might not be what you think, and it’s not a very easy exercise to perform as it requires determination, sacrifice and serious mental effort.

Still excited to learn about this amazing exercise you need to perform?

It’s called DISCIPLINE!

Hmmm it doesn’t sound too exciting does it?

Well the excitement isn’t in the exercise but something else that will give you flat abs… Nutrition!

Nutrition, that’s right! What you eat each day is going to give you Flat Abs!

I’m sure you know that eating the right foods takes a lot of discipline, and yes exercising discipline is harder than a thousand crunches, however being disciplined to this 1 exercise will give you flat abs.

Sounds difficult but actually once you develop good eating habits and put those bad ones behind you, it becomes second nature, just like the bad habits you have now.

So why is eating the right foods important? Well, if you eat fatty foods and too many simple carbs(sugar) then you’re most likely eating a lot of high calories foods with very little nutritional value. The problem with this is that you are most likely storing all those extra calories in your adipose tissue.

So that spare tire people say that’s around their midsection can be directly related to the types of foods they eat.

Now I am sure at some stage you have seen a human anatomy picture, you know the picture of the human body without skin showing all your muscles.

Well guess what? Everyone has a flat belly. That’s right you see that nice six pack you see on the athlete or model in those infomercials is due to a disciplined eating regime not an ab pro 5000. Shock Horror…

Well if you’re carrying a lot of fat in your midsection, due to your undisciplined eating, no matter what or how many exercises you do that midsection is going to stay msp hack no survey the same or even get bigger.

Your adipose tissue is stored over your muscle, so if you build muscle under that fat, it can actually make your stomach look bigger. Eat the right foods at the right times and lose the fat in your midsection and you will start to see the results from all those abdominal exercises that you do.

So now you ask: what should I be eating? Well that is another whole article in itself, but use this simple strategy to get started and remember exercise discipline when it comes to nutrition, it is the best exercise ever for flat abs.

• Eat a lean protein with each meal (20g-30g for women, 40g-60g for men)

• Eat a fibrous (vegetables) carbohydrate with each meal.(1-2 servings 1/2 cup per servings)

• Limit or better yet remove consumption of simple carbohydrates (breads, pastas, sugars, sodas etc…)

• Eat when you feel hungry but stick to smallish meals.

• Eat healthy fats daily.

• Only drink beverages with 0 calories, That means no coke, no beer or wine or very limited at most.

• Discipline

Make this a habit and then you can start to tweak it a little bit.

If you feel that discipline is just not your thing or you need someone to simply tell you exactly what to eat and when well your in luck because at The Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym we have a great program for weight loss in Blackburn called the Urban Fitness Blackburn Lean Down Challenge.

If you want to find out more on the Urban Fitness Blackburn Lean Down Challenge simply CLICK HERE!

Good Luck with those flat abs! J

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