Fitness Myths brought to you by The Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym - The Urban Fitness Club 24/7

Fitness Myths brought to you by The Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym

With the internet giving us ever growing access to information it’s easy for people to find uneducated information. Although some of the information out there is great, most of it fails to hit the mark. This leads to many people having conflicting opinions on training methods and diet which causes people to fall short on their training. This article will touch on just a few of the common training myths and hopefully make things a little bit clearer.

Spot Reduction:

Working in the fitness industry one of the most common things I hear is people coming into gym hoping to lose weight from a specific area through training the underlying muscle groups. One of the most regular areas I hear is the abdominal region, they think that doing thousands of ab crunches will shed those unwanted pounds. Unfortunately this is not the case, to lose fat anywhere you need to have a balanced program focused on both cardiovascular work and resistance training. Coupled with a good diet this will help to achieve that flat stomach you desire. Unfortunately we can’t isolate those fatty areas we want gone, but with consistent hard work on diet and training it will eventually come off.

Woman thinking lifting weights will make them look bulky:

Another one I hear constantly is that woman often fear even touching a weight as they think it will make them look bulky or too masculine. When it comes to putting on muscle, testosterone is the key and thankfully for woman they don’t produce enough to ever gain large volumes of muscle, to achieve muscle gain similar to that of a male they would have to artificially consume growth hormones or steroids. Weights are a great way to stay slim and toned and should be a part of everyone’s training program combined with cardiovascular work.

The importance of supplements, or lack of:

Although this isn’t really a myth but more of a misconception, it is still an important one to note. People in the gym often get too caught up on how many supplements they are taking. Although your basic supplements can be a good way to expand your arsenal when it comes to resistance training but it is never a good idea to replace your normal dietary intake completely with supplements. Diet will always be the most important thing to accompany your training and supplements are simply a way to add  to your diet, not replace it. Remember this, focus on your diet a little more and your training results will improve.

These are just a few of the many myths floating around on the internet today and although there is some great information available you need to view a great deal of it with caution. When looking for new information don’t believe the first thing you read, do some research first and feel free to ask any of the trainers here at the Urban fitness Blackburn gym for their view on fitness related topics as they’ll be able to give you an informed and appropriate  response.

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