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“Blackburn Exercise and your family ”

Do you ever think about family fitness?

It’s a fact that families are getting larger (and I don’t mean in number). Many children are obese and families as a whole are unhealthy.

We find time to eat, but do we think about making the time with our children to exercise?

According to the National Association for Sports and Physical Education, school age children should have a minimum of one hour of daily activity each day.

And if we consider back to even a couple of generations before the current this would have been easily obtained.

So how can we make family fitness in Blackburn a priority? It all begins with you – the parents. Children need role models, they need someone to set the example and follow through with the commitment. So, why not begin an exercise kick as a family… Make a commitment to spend more time together…begin to enjoy added benefits of health, continuity and enjoyment from each other.

Remember the old saying, a family that plays together stays together?

Well, here are some ways to begin your family fitness program and also stay together.

  • Take an after dinner walk. On a beautiful day, grab the dog and kids and walk around the block. Make it a scavenger hunt. Have each child find a list of items. Or have mini races – they first one to the corner wins, the first one to the yellow house wins. Your kids won’t even know they are exercising.
  • Turn on the music. Clear some space in your living room and play “Freeze Dance”. Have someone teach a new dance every week. You can even play “Freeze Clean” – have the kids clean-up the house to the music. When the music pauses, they have to freeze.
  • Sign-up for a charity walk/race. Every community has some kind of race or Family Fun Run. Sign-up as a family and begin to train together. Children love the accomplishment they feel at the end of a race – and the ribbon or medal isn’t so bad either!! They will deserve it!!
  • Work in the yard. What could be more fun than raking leaves- and then jumping in the piles? Or planting a garden and watching the fruits of your labor grow. (By the way, it’s been proven; kids will eat more vegetables if they grow them themselves.)

There are so many ways to include family fitness in Blackburn into your daily lifestyle. You just need to make the commitment. Establish a regular schedule and keep it fun. Have your kids help you decide what things to do. If they’re involved it’ll keep them doing it. You can count on your children looking forward to the time you spend together as well as gaining the added benefit of exercise.

If your interested in finding out some further options for your family feel free to contact us at the club on 98948684 or alternatively visit

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