Exercise of the week "The Incline Leg Press" from Blackburn Personal Training - The Urban Fitness Club 24/7

Exercise of the week “The Incline Leg Press” from Blackburn Personal Training

The Incline Leg Press is an absolutely fantastic exercise to help build the overall strength and muscularity of the legs.

Slight movements in feet positioning can also determine if you want to build more into the gluets and hamstrings or alternatively the quads.

Either way like all exercises this can still be a dangerous exercise and there are a few key elements which you should consider prior to having a go of this exercise and the easiest way to learn these is to watch our video from Blackburn Personal Trainer Andrew!

So be sure to add this fantastic exercise to your routine to help build strength in your legs. However if you have any type of injury you should always consult one of our Blackburn Personal Training team members for further advice!

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