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Caffeine & Exercise

Caffeine the most used legal stimulant on the planet. .

How many of you wake in the morning and are not really ready to face the day without your morning caffeine does in the form of Coffee?

Coffee is the drink of choice for an estimated 1.6billion people every day who drink coffee around the world.

Caffeine arise naturally in foods and drinks, like teas and cocao and among other things in varying quantities however its high prevalence in coffee makes drinking coffee for that all important morning caffeine hit the legal stimulant of choice for so many around the world.

1 cup of coffee typically will contain about 80mg of caffeine this is certainly enough to see increase in awareness and alertness, improved energy, mood and improved focus which are all great benefits. So with all these great benefits surely there are some that are not so good? Well no not really!

Let’s go a bit deeper behind its science, caffeine usually blocks adenosine, a neurotransmitter in the body that has a calming effect. Typically this will effect your heart rate, can increase some dilation of your pupils and ultimately releases additional glucose into your body for added energy.

Another thing is, the “pleasure” part of your brain is also enthused due to increase in dopamine, which is the usual guess for explaining why we are so addicted to caffeine. No wonder we drink 1.6billion cups of the stuff each and every day!

So this now brings us from The Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym to consider well where does Caffeine fit within a healthy lifestyle and exercise regime?

The effect of caffeine on the human body in conjunction with exercise is an area that has brought large amounts of research. Some particular research shown by the American College of Sports Medicine suggests that ingesting between 5-9mg per kilogram (bodyweight) about 2-3 cups of coffee approximately 1 hour before exercise could significantly increase your endurance as well as help with intense bouts of exercise for up to 5 minutes, near maximum effort.

Some individuals consider that your endurance is improved as well with caffeine ingestion though nothing has been proven yet, their explanation is due to caffeine’s ergogenic effect on athlete’s performance. Muscle glycogen is spared and once it is depleted, you won’t be able to exercise with your fullest potential. In other words the caffeine promotes the release of glycogen into the body for fuel which is great for shorter intense exercise but will simply run out over a longer period of time.

So this gets me to Caffeine being a great choice as a pre-workout drink ‘but’ a recent study on the effect of caffeine on running levels of exhaustion shows a different effect.

So if you are in the gym training especially weight training and high but shorter intensity training then Caffeine could be the ideal for you.

As always this is simply provided as information and anyone considering using caffeine on a regular basis should consult with their doctor to be sure this is suitable for them personally.

Remember though the guys here at Blackburn Personal Training from The Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym will always suggest great nutrition and plenty of water before considering using any other form of supplementation however its something to consider especially when we know so many of you spend lots of money on pre workout drinks that often an instant coffee will give the same effect.

The Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym and Blackburn Personal Team

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