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Nutrition Tip of The Week – Reading Food labels with Blackburn Personal Trainer Ashlee
As fitness trainers we are often asked about food labels and how to read them! In this weeks Blackburn Fitness & Nutrition Tip by [...]
Nutrition Tip of the week at Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym – Fat Burning Foods
Our resident Urban Fitness Blackburn Personal Trainer Ashlee talks in this video about some of the simple things you can add to your eating [...]
Exercise of the week “The Incline Leg Press” from Blackburn Personal Training
The Incline Leg Press is an absolutely fantastic exercise to help build the overall strength and muscularity of the legs. Slight [...]
Exercise of the week “The Tricep Push Down” 24/7 Gym Blackburn Support
The Tricep Push Down is an often poorly performed exercise for many reasons! Watch this video filmed by the Blackburn 24/7 gym [...]
Exercise of the week Romanian Deadlift at Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym
The Romanian Deadlift or Stiff Legged Deadlift as they are often referred to are a fantastic way to build strength through your Gluets [...]
Fitness Myths brought to you by The Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym
With the internet giving us ever growing access to information it’s easy for people to find uneducated information. Although some of the [...]
10 Tips for fitness in Blackburn
1. Move More Anytime, anywhere, anyway! Just move your body as many times as you can. If you don’t have much time then set out an [...]
How to Deadlift… Blackburn personal trainer Andrew shows us how!
The Deadlift is a foundation exercise for building significant strength and muscular development of almost the entire body but mostly [...]
Free Paleo Nutrition Information Video. Must watch for great Paleo Information
In this Paleo Nutrition Video you will learn everything you need from Urban Fitness Blackburn Gyms team member Bill Allars who is one [...]
Exercise of the week.. The T Bar Row for building a strong big back
This week Andrew shows us how to build a super strong back here at Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym 24/7 support. For further information [...]