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7 Tips to Control Overeating

Well its that time of the year again when we stick on the ugg boots and trackie daks and curl up in front of the heater with a packet of tim tams or some nice biscuits with cheese.

Ever felt sick from eating too much, finished the entire pack of tim tams or simply just always eat way more than you should?

Overeating is one of the most common issues we face as trainers here at The Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym. Large portions, all you can eat, upsize this and supersize that we are forever eating too much!

But why? There has been loads of research done on this subject and there is not 1 clear answer what we do know however is that if you follow the following 7 rules reasonably closely then you have a fair chance that your overeating will start to subside!

1.     Don’t deprive yourself

Don’t fall into the trap of depriving yourself from the food you love most altogether instead make it a treat to have these foods at a planned time of the week as a treat for reaching a goal or not having any other treat foods. It may sound weird but when you believe something is totally off limits, you end up wanting it even more right?

2.     Be conscious of what your actually feeling

Be aware of your hunger. This may sound strange like “as if I don’t know when I am hungry” but seriously. You might also find out that sometimes you’re simply bored, tired or thirsty and not even truly hungry at all. These can all be tricks your brain plays on you to seek out foods that are typically high in sugar. Drink some water and take a walk around the block or get occupied that hunger feeling will soon disperse till your truly hungry!

3.     You don’t have to be PERFECT

If you’re trying to lose fat or live a healthier lifestyle, you don’t have to be perfect in achieving your health and fitness goal.  Being on a super strict diet plan, can set you up to fail, so remind yourself that it doesn’t matter if we fail because we can always get back on track and keep moving. The best thing is you are trying your best in order to succeed with your goal.

4.     Control portion sizing

Practice portion control with foods that are high in energy.

Stick to a similar sized portion at meal times and when eating treats decide how much you will have prior so that you can portion it out and then put away the remainder making you much less likely to attempt to take more!

5.     Cut your food into small pieces

Cutting your food into small pieces may sound strange however research suggest that by cutting your food into small pieces 2 things occur. 1, Visually your food looks larger on the plate and 2, Your food takes longer to eat.

6.     Slow eating

This is a very effective way to control overeating. Eating slowly will help you eat less and this is due to the fact that it takes 20 minutes before our brain realizes that we are already full. So therefore if we eat slowly, chances are you wont eat too much and not over indulge. Take your time to savor the flavor and chew it well.

7.     Eat your breakfast

The term breakfast was derived from the notion of “breaking the fast” from 8 hours sleep at night. Majority of research suggest that eating a high protein breakfast in the morning can make you eat healthier and less throughout the remainder of the day.

Lastly remember the best way to keep on track with your health and fitness is to be accountable to someone and there is no one better than your trainer at The Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym. Simply >>>CLICK HERE<<< to access an amazing EOFY Membership deal. No Contract Gym Membership Blackburn, No Joining Fees and from just $10 per week!

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