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Get an early start on your New Year health & fitness resolutions


This year why not get a start on your health and fitness resolutions before the New Year gets here!

Here are 7 Fitness things you can do to get a great start on the new you before the New Year!

1. Begin your day with plenty of protein

Shock eating cereal and skim milk is may be an easy way to get a big breakfast in but it’s not exactly a nutritional strategy that is going to help build a the New Year body your aiming for. Eating a breakfast that contains protein (along with healthy fats) is a great way to ensure you are starting your day off right and has been proven to increase long-term satiety. Meaning there is much less of a chance that you’ll engage in binge eating later in the day. Plus smashing back some kanga burgers and a handful of nuts for breakfast is way cooler then confessing to having your usual fruit loops and milk.

2. Improve upon your weaknesses

What am I trying to say here… Suck it up and do the lifts and exercises you hate to do. I say improve upon your weaknesses because your amazing at the bench press because you love to do it and this will likely continue to be the case, however you suck at Romanian Lunges because you hate to do them well its time to have a go. Make sure you get your coach at The Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym to show you correct technique then set small goals for improvement. More on that in a later step.

 3. Clean the pantry of all processed foods

Now were post Christmas and Pre New Year I am sure you have all sorts of goodies crammed into your pantry that aren’t good for your health or that new year body your after. Yet there they sit, waiting for a late-night moment of weakness. Don’t wait for a craving to strike. You need to grab a garbage bag and toss them all out. Yes I know but they were presents, or they cost money unfortunately that train of thinking is exactly what will get you into trouble if that’s what you want so be it!

4. Set small goals & reward them with something other than food

Too often as a Gym in Blackburn we here from our clients in the New Year something like; “I want to lose 30kg” or “My goal is to drop 10kg in January” without any real concept of what kind of effort, determination, discipline, restraint and sacrifice it will take to achieve such goals. Not to mention how long it took them to get there in the 1st place.

So set small really achievable goals firstly not even around the actual weight or physical appearance you are after but more so around making exercise and healthy eating part of your goals. When you achieve a goal be sure to reward yourself with something other than food. Maybe when you succeed at the goal of completing your clash royale hack 2017 first full week of training at the Urban gym in Blackburn you go and buy yourself some new trainers.

5. Reward your body with some soft tissue treatment

This is one that is all too often forgotten but can be such an important aspect of continuing uninterrupted on your health & fitness journey with us here at The Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym. As you progress and become experienced with your training at our Blackburn Gym, adding things like sports massage, self myo-fascial release and foam rolling to your current exercise regime becomes more and more critical to your bodies longevity and continued training. Find a great message therapist and book a standing appointment with them on a fortnightly basis.

6. Find lots of reliable training buddies

When I talk training partners its nice to have someone standing there spotting your every move and making you push that extra rep however for whatever reason that does not always work so what I am referring to is having loads of people on your side who understand your goals and know how important it is for you achieve them! So who are these people you ask? Well they are your family, friends, work colleagues anyone in your life. The more people you tell about your goals and ask them to support you by not allowing you to be tempted, congratulating you when you hit goals and who you can talk to about your ups and downs all helps! Find those buddies now and communicate with them!

7. SLEEP a minimum of 7hrs every night its super important

Is that late night movie really worth feeling tired tomorrow, not getting the recovery your body needs to keep you full of energy to keep working towards your goals? I doubt it!  Getting enough sleep does all sorts of wonderful things this is where we optimize the anabolic hormonal responses that only occur while were sleeping. It also allows us to reduce our stress and fatigue to feel more motivated and energetic to get to The Urban fitness Blackburn gym in the first place. So when Sex In City the movie is on and you want to watch it till midnight for the 6th time maybe think twice!

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HAPPY NEW YEAR FITNESS RESOLUTIONS from The Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym Team! 🙂

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