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About Us

The Urban Fitness club in Blackburn is fast becoming the Gym in Blackburn to attend if you are looking for a fun, friendly gym environment.

Urban Fitness Blackburn Gyms’ staff are trained to get to know you, your goals and what is important to you personally so that we can offer ongoing advice and support.

Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym is the creation of Ty Menzies, a fitness professional himself, who is extremely passionate about helping people reach their fitness goals. His belief stems from listening to what members want from their health & fitness club in Blackburn and that is an affordable gym with no contracts, staff always on hand who are full qualified to help keep you motivated, offer advice and lend a hand when required.

The Urban Fitness Club also offer a great range of services including one of the very few places to offer Zumba in Blackburn, Boxing, a vast range of Group Fitness Classes as well as Blackburn’s best Personal Training team who are fully qualified with loads of experience.

If you are looking for a gym in Blackburn that offers Personal Training in Blackburn as well as Group Fitness and Zumba in Blackburn at an affordable price, without the commitments of long term contracts and with a great team of friendly knowledgeable staff then Urban Fitness Blackburn is for you!

Make sure you download a free trial pass to come and give us a go.


After graduating in 2010 with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sport Science and Sport Management, Daniel moved to London where he ran a successful Personal Training Studio for two years.


Ryan joins Urban Fitness with a wealth of experience ranging from training elite athletes to managing a variety of health and fitness facilities, including rehabilitation & allied health clinics.



We understand that our members come in all shapes and sizes and that everyone has a different reason for being at our club.  With that in mind, The Urban Fitness Club has a wide range of facilities and equipment so suit every member no matter what you’re training for!

Our facilities include:

  • Fully equipped Life Fitness Cardio zone
  • Life Fitness pin-loaded weight machines
  • Hammer Strength plate-loaded weight machines
  • Huge free weights area
  • Heavy lifting zone (including custom deadlift platforms, Eleiko barbells and Olympic bumper plates)
  • Performance training zone (including 15 metre grass track, battle ropes, slam balls, TRX, Kettlebells and more!)
  • Dedicated group fitness studio with over 12 classes per week
  • Dedicated showers and change rooms


Feel free to pop in anytime during our staffed hours and one of our friendly staff members will show you around and find the right membership for you.


9 A.M – 7 P.M


9 A.M – 3 P.M


9 A.M – 1 P.M



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Our Services

Personal Training

With a range of personal training services available, we can help you get the most out of your workouts to fast track your results and get you to your goal quicker!

Functional Training Zone

We have the ultimate function training zone, complete with 15 metre grass track, rowers, spin bikes, slam balls, kettle bells, battle ropes, sand bags, medicine balls and plenty more functional gear to put you through your paces

24/7 Gym Access

Train whenever you want. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our members have access to our club all year round with no restrictions!

Group Fitness

Zumba, Pilates, Boxing, High Intensity Interval Training and Tone classes, over 12 classes per week, all included in your membership at no extra cost!

Our Happy Clients

"I was working out at home but wanted to join a club that was well priced as I was just getting really bored training from home.I had also heard really good reviews about The Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym so thought I would check it out.My goals were to increase my fitness and strength and have certainly seen big improvements with both.I like to train in the mornings as the club is reasonably quiet then so I can do my thing in peace!I like the environment it’s a good mix of ages but everyone gets along really well."
Haidee Tibb
"I originally started at The Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym on a trial to see what it was like and continued straight away because I enjoyed it and the staff are really friendly.My main goals have been to increase muscle and my general fitness and I am seeing awesome results.The major things I love about the club are 1 Its staff are super friendly, 2 The equipment is the best you can get and 3 I now have a good bunch of mates here from it being such a friendly place.I guess I would recommend the club to most people as they can cater for everything from weight loss, to ladies doing classes and bulking up as well."
Sam Bennett
"As I work in the city I was considering joining a gym in the city however chose The Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym because it is closer to Home.There have been a number of great changes occur at the club and they continue to be making changes and improvements all the time.My major goal was to lose body fat and increase muscle and with access to a fantastic range of equipment as well as great advice from their trainers I have been able to see amazing results.I really love the equipment, the fact that management listen to your feedback and make changes from that and the fact its really friendly.I have no worries recommending the club to anyone because the staff are great and the club has a really friendly atmosphere because of that."
Blake Witherow
"I have actually been a member here since prior to The Urban Fitness Blackburn gym taking over from the past group called Global 1.Since the takeover the changes have been absolutely amazing, newer and better equipment, better atmosphere, cleaner, great trainers really too many great improvements to think from the top of my head.My major focus was to increase my size and strength and was going ok with the previous group however since The Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym took over I have seen great improvements because I am more motivated to train more and harder as well as have been getting great advice from their team.I love attending the club because of its friendly atmosphere, really great staff and its fantastic range of equipment.Ive already recommended a lot of people join the club but I would have no issue recommending the club to anyone looking for a fun, friendly place to train."
Oskar Petersson
"I was introduced to The Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym by school in a program and really enjoyed it so I decided to join.My major focus has been to increase muscle mass and through training regularly, the range of equipment and help from the Urban Fitness Blackburn Personal trainers I have been able to stack on some significant size.I really love attending the club because the people and staff are really friendly which creates a fun environment to train in couples with a good mixture of music to keep you motivated!I would certainly recommend any of my family and friends to attend the club as I know they would get the exact same level of service that I do and at a really good price."
Hamish Harvey

"My Previous experience of being involved with another gym, was in 1994. I joined there to improve my health. After 7 months there, they installed different equipment with differing weights (gone from metric to US standards). I was given little or no help in adjusting to this and most of the gym instructors there were more interested in chatting to each other rather than to help the paying customers work out. So, I had my reservations when starting at The Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym in 2013.

Ultimately the initial reason I joined The Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym was the low cost and convenience of location just a 10minute walk from home.

I had already lost 6kgs through diet, but wanted to supplement it with exercise to;

  • Keep the weight down
  • Improve my general health and wellbeing.

Due to some traumatic events at the later part of 2012 and early 2013, my health had deteriorated to the point that I was advised to lose weight (to avoid diabetes) and had to be put onto blood-pressure tablets. On top of this I had also developed sleep apnoea.

After 4 months of regular attendance to The Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym (And receiving a fantastic program from one of their full qualified trainers), my blood pressure has dropped to desirable levels and is now stable.

My general fitness enabled me to be totally free to do many things with ease (such as walk to the station without running out of breathe), lift heavy things (without too much effort), feel less lethargic, have more energy to do more, and…. SLEEP BETTER!!!.... my sleep patterns have improved (without aidof any artificial sleep machines or devices). And I have gone from sleeping an initial period of 2 hours (to then wake up and go in and out of sleep for the rest of the night), to sleeping 4-5hours of uninterrupted deep sleep now with my goal to reach 6-8hrs.

I must say the things I love about The Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym are the friendly and helpful staff, The friendly members as I have actually met and connected with people who I now can train with and the VIBE of the gym is tremendous.

I would happily recommend The Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym to ANYONE who has a need or desire to do any form of exercise ranging from moderate/ general workouts to professional standard body training and fitness.

This is due to the range of staff there who are friendly, helpful, competent (professional). I also believe their equipment is excellent and has a good variety of machines to achieve what you want from a gym."

John Wanner

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