The Importance of Morning Rituals – Anastasia Wolf

The Importance of Morning Rituals June 26, 2018 Anastasia Wolf How often do you get out of bed and the first thing you do is turn on your phone and check social media and emails, or better yet, not even turn your phone off when you go to sleep? Now, I will save the details for another time on night rituals and how disturbing it is to have technology in your room while you sleep , despite being equally important and instead focus on morning rituals. We all have them, yes even you who is thinking ' I don't have a morning ritual, I just get up, [...]

Finding Motivation – Personal Trainer Anastasia Wolf

Finding Motivation May 22, 2018 Anastasia Wolf Who can be bothered. Finding your motivation when motivation is nowhere to be found. Winter has finally hit and it is cold. I struggle to get out of bed and stay out of bed when the cool change arrives. Even as a trainer, I know too well how hard it can be to find motivation at the best of times, let alone when it freezes over. Here are my top five tips to help tame your procrastination and tap into motivation: Know your why and set attainable goals based around that [...]

Nutrition Tip of The Week – Reading Food labels with Blackburn Personal Trainer Ashlee

As fitness trainers we are often asked about food labels and how to read them! In this weeks Blackburn Fitness & Nutrition Tip by Blackburn Personal Trainer Ashlee we look at what things you should be looking to avoid as ingredients on in the food labels. You may be a little shocked at some of these things but our Urban Fitness blackburn Gym & Blackburn Personal Training team member Ashlee is well qualified to share this information with you. Remember nothing beats something fresh without labels such as good healthy fruit and vegies as well as lean cuts of meat seeds, nuts [...]

Nutrition Tip of the week at Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym – Fat Burning Foods

Our resident Urban Fitness Blackburn Personal Trainer Ashlee talks in this video about some of the simple things you can add to your eating plan to help increase your fat burning effects! Check out the video below and if you would like to know more about our Blackburn Personal Training service and how Ashlee could help you reach your goals simply CLICK HERE for more [...]

Exercise of the week “The Incline Leg Press” from Blackburn Personal Training

The Incline Leg Press is an absolutely fantastic exercise to help build the overall strength and muscularity of the legs. Slight movements in feet positioning can also determine if you want to build more into the gluets and hamstrings or alternatively the quads. Either way like all exercises this can still be a dangerous exercise and there are a few key elements which you should consider prior to having a go of this exercise and the easiest way to learn these is to watch our video from Blackburn Personal Trainer Andrew! So be sure to add this fantastic exercise to your routine to [...]

Exercise of the week “The Tricep Push Down” 24/7 Gym Blackburn Support

The Tricep Push Down is an often poorly performed exercise for many reasons! Watch this video filmed by the Blackburn 24/7 gym support team and Urban Fitness Blackburn Personal Training team member Andrew on how to correctly perform the Tricep Pushdown for maximum benefit as well as a few alterations to hit the differing tricep heads. Remember should you want some further help with your training simply CLICK HERE to find out more about Blackburn Personal [...]

Exercise of the week Romanian Deadlift at Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym

The Romanian Deadlift or Stiff Legged Deadlift as they are often referred to are a fantastic way to build strength through your Gluets & Hamstrings. Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym's Personal Trainer Andrew shows us the correct technique in this video for you to get the best and safest results. Be sure to consult a personal trainer when looking at adding this exercise to your routine as poor technique could lead to an injury. Book a session with a trainer by calling 98948684 or simply >>>CLICK HERE to see more about Blackburn Personal [...]

Fitness Myths brought to you by The Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym

With the internet giving us ever growing access to information it’s easy for people to find uneducated information. Although some of the information out there is great, most of it fails to hit the mark. This leads to many people having conflicting opinions on training methods and diet which causes people to fall short on their training. This article will touch on just a few of the common training myths and hopefully make things a little bit clearer. Spot Reduction: Working in the fitness industry one of the most common things I hear is people coming into gym hoping to lose weight from [...]

10 Tips for fitness in Blackburn

1. Move More Anytime, anywhere, anyway! Just move your body as many times as you can. If you don’t have much time then set out an intense cardio session. Remember to try new cardio activities to keep things fresh. 2. Cut the Fat Avoid the obvious such as fried foods, burgers and other fatty meats (i.e. pork, bacon, salami, ribs and sausage). Avoid excessive consumption of high fat dairy products such as cheese and cream. Turn yourself into a lean, mean, fat-burning machine! To learn more you may want to have a look at our Lean Down Challenge > Here < 3. Avoid Excessive [...]

How to Deadlift… Blackburn personal trainer Andrew shows us how!

The Deadlift is a foundation exercise for building significant strength and muscular development of almost the entire body but mostly on the posterior chain of muscles. These muscle groups include everything from the Calves, Gluets, Hamstrings, Erector Spinae, Lats, Rhomboids & Trapezius just to name a few. The Deadlift although a hugely beneficial exercise can be a super dangerous exercise when done incorrectly due to the load that can be placed on the Lumbar Vertebrae. Be sure to watch this video from Andrew our resident Blackburn Personal Trainer here at The Urban Fitness [...]

Free Paleo Nutrition Information Video. Must watch for great Paleo Information

In this Paleo Nutrition Video you will learn everything you need from Urban Fitness Blackburn Gyms team member Bill Allars who is one of Blackburn's best personal trainers. Many people find that after watching this video the knowledge they have is great but sticking to the Paleo Diet is hard. So we have created the Lean Down challenge for those who need help, guidance, support and accountability to someone to keep them on track! Check out the Lean Down Challenge here >> CLICK HERE FOR MORE [...]

Exercise of the week.. The T Bar Row for building a strong big back

This week Andrew shows us how to build a super strong back here at Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym 24/7 support. For further information on Blackburn Personal Training CLICK [...]

Exercise of the week… Bicep Curls at Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym

Our resident Personal Trainer Andrew shows us the perfect technique for a Bicep Curl! For further help or guidance visit our Urban Fitness Blackburn Personal Training Page CLICK [...]

Are you at risk of contracting diabetes?

It is hard to believe but more than 1million Australians have diabetes and this number is growing at an alarming rate! The worst part about this is that Type 2 diabetes which is 80% of diabetes sufferers around Australia is largely caused through poor health and nutrition and could easily be prevented. Those who are at risk of type 2 diabetes there is however some good news but you have to get off your butt to make this reality! Research suggest that of those who are at risk of type 2 diabetes by losing just 4kg with some regular exercise on average your risk of being diagnosed drops by a [...]

7 Tips to Control Overeating

Well its that time of the year again when we stick on the ugg boots and trackie daks and curl up in front of the heater with a packet of tim tams or some nice biscuits with cheese. Ever felt sick from eating too much, finished the entire pack of tim tams or simply just always eat way more than you should? Overeating is one of the most common issues we face as trainers here at The Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym. Large portions, all you can eat, upsize this and supersize that we are forever eating too much! But why? There has been loads of research done on this subject and there is not 1 [...]

Carbohydrates – Friend or Foe

Carbohydrates – Friend or Foe? The consumption of carbohydrates and to what level is a frequent topic of conversation within the health and fitness industry.  The level of confusion in the community as to the consumption of carbohydrates, the types of carbohydrates to consume and in what amounts is almost unparalleled.  So let Urban Fitness Club try to cut through a lot of the hype and separate the fact from the fiction to see if we can get you on the right path to eating to achieve your goals. In simple terms, there are three main macronutrients that we consume as part of our [...]


Recently, I had the great opportunity to work along side one of not only Australia’s greatest athletes but one of the fittest men in Australia, being Billy Slater. What was involved was running a fitness session for the winner and 5 of her friends of an Australian Bananas Facebook contest to train with Billy for 2 hours. It was my role to structure a session which covered all aspects of fitness training from a general clientele perspective but also to incorporate Billy’s professional advice and years of knowledge from a specific rugby and professional atheletic [...]

The BEST Muscle Building Supplements!

Seriously, are you planning to pack on some muscle mass, develop strength and completely change your body? Flip through different fitness magazine and review all the people’s awareness about protein supplements, it emerges now that protein and fitness somehow go hand-in-hand! A lot of individuals fail to achieve their goal of building muscle without even considering what high quality supplements could do to help them achieve that one desire. Keep in mind, what you do when you train for body building or whatever Blackburn fitness activity you are in is only part of the routine. Diet [...]

SEX & FITNESS… Have I got your attention now?

Can Exercise boost your sex drive? The phenomenon is almost universal. A few days or weeks at the gym or doing exercise we feel sexier, more confident, and our sex drive starts roaring. Is it in our minds? No. Several studies have in fact shown that exercise causes a psychological as well as physiological improvement to our sex life. Here are the facts: Facts for Men Several studies have shown that exercise has a positive effect on the sex drive of men. Separate studies have shown, for example, that men who participate in exercise one hour per day, three to five days a week achieved a [...]

In this instance “No Pain No Gain” Definitely applies!

Foam Roller use and why it’s so great An often unused tool sitting in the corner of the stretch area of The Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym are some strange cylindrical blue and hard pieces of foam! Im sure many a times you have looked at them and thought what on earth you do with them. Foam Rollers come in different lengths and densities or ‘hardness’ as well some have spikes and ridges to really target areas depending on your needs. Specifically they are used for physical rehabilitation of injured patients (similarly to Swiss and BOSU balls) but more linked to massage therapy in [...]

Want to see real sustainable results… Its so EASY… Eat REAL FOOD!

***WARNING*** This short BLOG will give you all the answers to seeing amazing, sustained and long term weight management and health related benefits! ARE YOU READ??? EAT Real” Food for Health & Weight Loss There is a very simple philosophy that anyone can apply to help them lose weight and improve their general health and well-being – Eat Real Food.  With so much of our food coming pre-packaged these days, or so easily acquired from restaurants, cafes and other food stores, it is easy to go for an extended period without actually eating “Real” food.  What is real [...]

Combat stress by following these simple guidelines.

A few ways to Combat stress by following some simple guidelines… Stress can take a toll on both your physical health and mental well-being. It can lower your immunity to colds, flu, and even more serious illnesses. It can affect your sleep patterns, interfere with job performance, and leave you irritable. Stress can also trigger all sorts of skin disorders, including psoriasis, eczema, acne, rosacea, and hives.  Fortunately, there are ways to get a handle on stress and up your energy.  Here are some of The Urban Fitness Club’s top tips to control your stress levels. 1. Set aside [...]


If you would like more information simply CLICK [...]

Caffeine & Exercise

Caffeine the most used legal stimulant on the planet. . How many of you wake in the morning and are not really ready to face the day without your morning caffeine does in the form of Coffee? Coffee is the drink of choice for an estimated 1.6billion people every day who drink coffee around the world. Caffeine arise naturally in foods and drinks, like teas and cocao and among other things in varying quantities however its high prevalence in coffee makes drinking coffee for that all important morning caffeine hit the legal stimulant of choice for so many around the world. 1 cup of [...]


Starting an exercise routine is one thing staying motivated is another and there is no bigger motivating factor than seeing great results. If you put in the effort with your exercise and eating plan innevitably you should see results right? Well not always! And here is a little reason why this may be happening as well as some ideas of what to do about it before you get frustrated and even more STRESSED than when you started! Yes STRESS could be the factor holding you back from reaching fat loss goals. At The Urban Fitness blackburn Gym our Blackburn personal Training team believe in a [...]

How Corporate Wellness Boosts Employee Morale?

As a trainer I have spent much time working with clients in differing situations. One of these situations is through company health and fitness initiatives or for the purposes of this blog we will call it “Corporate Wellness” in Blackburn. So what is corporate wellness? And How can a company introduce it successfully to improve employee morale,  productivity and cohesion? Let’s find out. As a business owner myself I know full well that my staff are my number 1 asset, looking after them, training them, motivating them etc etc the list goes on however in my opinion some of the [...]


If you’ve been eating right, exercising enough and you’re still having trouble losing fat, there may be a missing ingredient in the mix. In many cases, people can have trouble losing weight because they aren’t getting enough quality sleep. Sleep is a key to successful component to fat loss. In order to feel more rested and therefore have a better chance of blasting that stubborn fat, you need to develop your own plan for a good night sleep.. The Urban Fitness Club shares you these innovative ideas in achieving your goals of losing fat however feel free to also modify them to meet [...]

The importance of resistance/ weight training for woman!

I do not know how many woman have come to me from previous trainers and said “I left my previous trainer as I was getting bulky with muscle” unfortunately for those woman its simply been a case of misinformation and incorrect food intake that has led to them increasing their size not the fact they have been resistance training or lifting weights. Actually the opposite is true and the best way to lose stubborn body fats is to include resistance training in your exercise regime. At The Urban Fitness Club Blackburn our Personal Trainers not only prescribe resistance training for fat loss [...]


Every living thing here on our planet needs water in order to survive, right next to oxygen. Water is by far the most important nutrient for us humans. We need that in order for us to stay alive and as a matter of fact we can live without food for prolonged periods, but not without water. That’s pretty clear, you know the main reason for this is that 2/3rds of the human body is composed of water, so therefore, all of us needs to consume a lot of it to nourish our cells and tissues for our body to function each system accordingly. This is a mere fact and the Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym [...]

Ever considered competing as Fitness Model? Our sponsored athlete Kristy Maree talks openly about her journey.

As someone training for their first ever Fitness Model Competition, I thought I would write a blog about what my journey has been like.  Hopefully it clears up some misconceptions, hopefully it educates you a little bit, but most of all I hope it inspires you and makes you believe that anything you put your mind to you, YOU CAN DO! Hi, I am Kristy, I am a sponsored Fitness Model with The Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym  and this is my honest no sugar coating journey through competition prep for my first Fitness Model Competition. I have had a lot of people ask me what led me to getting [...]

An often overlooked detrimental issue in young body builders.

Building Muscle whilst keeping body fat % as low as possible is possibly one of the most difficult things any Body Builder will embark upon however the few secrets obtained within this short Article from the The Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym’s fantastic Blackburn Personal training team will outline a few key aspects to consider in your journey to a muscular and lean body. As we begin the journey into bodybuilding it’s a common goal that we want to see improvement “fast”. And there is no reason why we can’t expect this as our body can adapt to different kinds of stimulus to build [...]

8 Surprising Muscle Building Foods

8 Surprising Muscle Building Foods Here at The Urban Fitness Club Blackburn, building muscle mass is not just about bulking up, rather it is about your specific goals as an increase in lean muscle mass can help everyone from young teenagers through to the elderly. The right training motivation and ample nutrients can support your body’s different functions and goals such as muscle and tissue repairor growth, enhanced insulin sensitivity, and may boost your immune system. Building your muscle with the help of Blackburn Personal Training is great if your not sure where to start however [...]

Training and exercise for a healthy heart

Training and Exercises for a Healthy Heart Do you easily get tired and out of breath going up the stairs?  Doing that everyday makes you think it’s easier to ride an elevator instead. You may also find it hard and exhausting playing and chasing your kids around the backyard, so instead, you choose to sit on your couch inside your home and watch TV instead of playing with them outside. This is the reality that most of us do every day.  You can categorise it being sedentary (or inactive) and having that kind of a lifestyle is very unrewarding due to the fact that you are at a highest [...]


5 Surprising Reasons Not to Skip Your Breakfast As much as the saying goes, “In the morning, eat like a king; at dinner, eat like a pauper.” Well, I bet you were thinking now how is that so? Waking up in the morning is hard especially if you’re tired from the previous day and you want to gain some sleep, well, for longer periods or the usual reason behind missing your breakfast is you’re running late at school, work or before hitting the gym like The Urban Fitness Club Blackburn. So chances are you tend to miss them a lot. Breakfast indeed is the most important meal of the day and [...]

The Number 1 tip to help you reach your health & fitness goals

In a world where we are constantly harassed by companies trying to sell us the latest health and fitness fad, sometimes we often forget to go back to basics.  It’s worked for the last 1000 years so why try and change it now?  I hate to break it to you all out there, but there is no such things as cutting corners to reach your goals, and there probably never will be.  Diet pills won’t make you lose weight, ab machines won’t give you wash board abs etc. etc.  By now you probably all think I’m going to tell you that the number 1 tip to reaching your health and fitness goals is hard [...]


"Blackburn Exercise and your family " Do you ever think about family fitness? It's a fact that families are getting larger (and I don't mean in number). Many children are obese and families as a whole are unhealthy. We find time to eat, but do we think about making the time with our children to exercise? According to the National Association for Sports and Physical Education, school age children should have a minimum of one hour of daily activity each day. And if we consider back to even a couple of generations before the current this would have been easily obtained. So how [...]


Sugar – it’s a hidden enemy! There has been so much debate over sugar recently and we are now realising just how bad it really is for us. Unfortunately its added to almost any pre packed food in many different forms and can be called all sorts of different things to hide it from being found. Sneaky huh! Here at Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym we suggest limiting your sugar consumption predominantly for clients wanting to lose body fat but its also very important for general health, diabetics and especially our teeth. Refined sugar actually contains no fiber, no minerals, no [...]

Functional Fitness in Blackburn for any age group

  Get fit, with functional fitness in Blackburn: Have you ever felt like climbing a flight of stairs was a chore, carrying groceries were like carrying an overweight child or doing yard work was like working on a farm? These activities require you to support your own bodyweight, like standing, bending and carrying things. If for instance you are walking down the street and you slip on a wet area of the pavement you will need to fire muscles in your legs, abdomen, lower back even your toes simultaneously to quickly stabilize your body and keep yourself from falling. Your body [...]


It’s amazing when we talk to clients about their training and their number 1 goal is to achieve a flat stomach. So I wanted to address well what is the best way to reach such a goal.. All too often I look around the gym and see a lot of people doing hundreds of sit ups, crunches, rotational exercises and side bends trying to get those sexy flat abs they see in magazines and on T.V. But is that really the secret? You would think that after all those repetitions, with so many different exercises, that they would have already achieved that elusive, tight midsection but all to often [...]


What is resistance training? Resistance training increases muscle strength through the use of weights or body weight exercises. In order to strengthen specific body areas you need to tailor your workout accordingly. We suggest that you also consult your medical professional for your suitability to any type of exercise program to make sure you are safe to undertake such exercise. What is happening when I do resistance training? Muscle cells adapt to resistance training by increasing their size. Resistance exercise also changes the way in which nerve cells aid or control [...]

Get an early start on your New Year health & fitness resolutions

NEW YEARS HEALTH & FITNESS RESOLUTIONS This year why not get a start on your health and fitness resolutions before the New Year gets here! Here are 7 Fitness things you can do to get a great start on the new you before the New Year! 1. Begin your day with plenty of protein Shock eating cereal and skim milk is may be an easy way to get a big breakfast in but it’s not exactly a nutritional strategy that is going to help build a the New Year body your aiming for. Eating a breakfast that contains protein (along with healthy fats) is a great way to ensure you are starting your [...]