The importance of resistance/ weight training for woman!

The importance of resistance/ weight training for woman!

I do not know how many woman have come to me from previous trainers and said “I left my previous trainer as I was getting bulky with muscle” unfortunately for those woman its simply been a case of misinformation and incorrect food intake that has led to them increasing their size not the fact they have been resistance training or lifting weights.

Actually the opposite is true and the best way to lose stubborn body fats is to include resistance training in your exercise regime. At The Urban Fitness Club Blackburn our Personal Trainers not only prescribe resistance training for fat loss but also coach you through the correct nutrition plan for you and your body type to help maximize your fat loss results.

You may be wondering well how can lifting weights and doing resistance exercises promote better, longer term fat loss results than simply doing cardio exercises. How about we go over the reasons behind that and how it’s going to help you build the physique you’ve been dreaming of.

1. Muscle Tissues are metabolically active

Our muscle is the most metabolically active tissue in the body. The greater your muscle mass, the more calories you’ll burn in each second of every single day. Hence why men tend to have a much easier time losing body fat compared to women. Men can quickly burn excess body fat due to their ability to gain a greater level of lean muscle mass, thus they create the calorie deficit required for fat loss with ease. Building lean muscle mass is not only going to boost your fat loss results, but it will be the best way to prevent future fat gain. The Blackburn Personal Training team can assist you with a specific plan to be sure you are on the correct and appropriate plan to reach your goals so feel free to contact them by clicking HERE!

The higher your metabolic rate is, the less strict you’ll have to be with your diet in order to stay leaner for longer time.

Now I have talked a lot about the importance of increasing muscle tissue and you may still be thinking well that’s exactly what I do not want to do. Well the good and bad news is that woman do not posses the testosterone levels required to develop bulky muscles which woman often feel they will develop. The muscle woman tend to build will be lean muscle mass meaning that the muscle body stays the same size simply the muscle fibres increase in size tightening and toning the muscles look. Now that’s the good news the bad news is simply that due to this lack of testosterone building muscle for woman in general is a more difficult thing to do.

2. Muscle Tissue Serves As Carbohydrate Storage

Another reason why it seems so important to focus on building muscle mass for woman is because of its role to store energy. If you don’t have much muscle on your body and aren’t depleting glycogen (glucose) storage in the cells, after taking in extra glucose in the form of carbohydrates, they’ll immediately get stored in the body as excess fat.

However, if you have greater muscle tissue and regularly complete resistance training to deplete this stored glycogen the next fuel source is to burn stored body fat.

So in essence what happens is that excess carb that you eat will first be stored in the muscle tissues as glycogen for storage and once the muscles are fully saturated, this will then be converted to excess fat storage.  This is another major reason building muscle and working out more often allows you to consume greater amount of carbs on a day to day basis. If you hate low-carb dieting, the best solution is to building more muscle.

3. Muscle Tissue Enhances Insulin Sensitivity

Another great aspect to increasing muscle in woman is that it increases your insulin sensitivity. This means that your body will be able to regulate its blood glucose levels a lot better hence after consuming carbohydrates, in most cases, minimal blood sugar spikes will occur.

This can also help in lowering the risk of diabetes as well as decrease the chances of fat gain over time. If you aren’t storing immediately energy that you eat as body fat (like you notice if you have poor insulin sensitivity or ‘insulin resistance’), this makes it easier to sustain the lean figure you’re after.

4. Muscle Tissue Makes You Stronger

Finally, adding more muscle makes you stronger overall. If you want to improve the quality of your life and make day to day functional movement much easier, building muscle strength is the way forward.

Carrying more lean strong muscle mass will allow you to keep up the activities you enjoy and allow you to complete all day to day activities without any worries, so by nature you may also end up more active on the whole.

Summing up, if you want to see noticeable changes taking place in your body, step away from the cardio machines and focus on the free weights section. Building more lean muscle mass through a proper resistance training program from a Blackburn Personal Training is a great way to lose stubborn fats, as well as to prevent  weight gain over time.

We know this can be a scary step for many woman especially if you have had a bad experience with an in-experienced personal trainer in Blackburn previously however our team at The Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym and Blackburn Personal Training team are fully qualified, registered Fitness Australia professionals who have loads of experience generating amazing fitness results in Blackburn.

If you would like a FREE CONSULTATION with our team at Blackburn Personal Training please CLICK HERE!


So leave those cardio machines for a while.

Pick up those free weights.

It’s where your results can be found.

Best wishes

The Urban Fitness Gym Blackburn Personal Training Team!

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