If you’ve been eating right, exercising enough and you’re still having trouble losing fat, there may be a missing ingredient in the mix. In many cases, people can have trouble losing weight because they aren’t getting enough quality sleep.

Sleep is a key to successful component to fat loss. In order to feel more rested and therefore have a better chance of blasting that stubborn fat, you need to develop your own plan for a good night sleep..

The Urban Fitness Club shares you these innovative ideas in achieving your goals of losing fat however feel free to also modify them to meet your needs.

1. Generate good sleeping habits

Do you want to improve your sleep? If yes then you need to practice good sleeping habits. Having a routine will help ease your body into bedtime and ultimately create a better night’s rest. Start by setting a particular time to hit the hay for yourself and stick to it! Also try to spend an hour before bed doing relaxing things, like reading, taking a bath, spending some time listening to calming music and having a chamomile tea. Set up everything that you need for the next day – like laying out your clothes, and writing down tasks that need to be done (so you don’t spend hours lying awake worrying about them), and then start getting yourself into “relaxation mode.”

2. Get in some exercise each day

If you’re trying to lose weight, you’re probably already taking this step. But it’s worth to mention again. The Blackburn Fitness team are encouraging and a friendly bunch if you are looking for further assistance with this and staying motivated. Participating in daily physical activity also helps your body to release hormones that will make you feel relaxed which in turn will eventually help you to a good night sleep. However try not to do your exercise to close to bedtime unless it’s a relaxing form such as yoga or meditation.  

3. Adjust your caffeine and sugar intake

What you eat and drink can close to bedtime can drastically influence your ability to fall asleep (and stay asleep) at night. You should be avoiding excess sugar if you want to lose fat anyway, but it’s especially important for rest and recuperation reasons.

Eating sugar throughout your day, especially right before bed, can make it hard to relax at night. Cut out hidden sugars and you’ll sleep better. The same goes for caffeine. We all like our pick me up in the morning but you should cut out coffee and other caffeinated beverages after about 2pm (this varies, for me I need to stop by midday). Having an afternoon cup of coffee can keep you up late at night. After lunch stick to herbal teas and other caffeine free beverages. Chamomile tea is especially good as a relaxing beverage obviously with no added milk or sugar!

4. Eat a light meal before bed

If you commonly eat a large dinner or late night snack before bed, you may have trouble getting to sleep. Loading up your digestive system with food right before bed is not a good idea. Your body will be busy digesting your meal rather than preparing itself for rest. Eat earlier in the evening, and then have an easily digestible protein shake before bed if necessary. The team at Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym & Blackburn Personal training can give you further advice on your eating and nutrition.

5. Limit your naptime

Many people make napping a regular part of their day in order to catch up on sleep, but this can actually do more harm to your sleep patterns than good. If you find that you simply can’t get through the day without rest, limit your naptime to no more than 45 minutes and try to have it completed before 2 pm.

If you constantly feel stressed, tired or without energy, your sleep habits could be to blame. Getting your sleep on the right track will not only help you feel better but will also make your weight loss campaign a lot easier. Apply these techniques and tips to your life plus get some motivation from Blackburn Personal Training and start seeing better results from your fitness routine!

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Happy Sleep Time from Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym

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