An often overlooked detrimental issue in young body builders.

An often overlooked detrimental issue in young body builders.

Building Muscle whilst keeping body fat % as low as possible is possibly one of the most difficult things any Body Builder will embark upon however the few secrets obtained within this short Article from the The Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym’s fantastic Blackburn Personal training team will outline a few key aspects to consider in your journey to a muscular and lean body.
As we begin the journey into bodybuilding it’s a common goal that we want to see improvement “fast”. And there is no reason why we can’t expect this as our body can adapt to different kinds of stimulus to build muscle very quickly.
Obviously lifting weights will improve your muscle growth improving both strength and size. But where many individuals go wrong in their journey to increase muscle mass can be overtraining and missing out on the simple fundamentals.
Overtraining can be just as detrimental to the body as not training at all and with young eager body builders it can certainly be a case of thinking “the more I do the more I will grow” mentality which is simply not the case. So a steadfast way of being sure you are not overtraining is to stick to a couple of simple yet effective principals.
1. Find a proven training regime designed specifically for where you are at in your journey to increase muscle mass. If you are brand new to weight training in Blackburn then obviously start out on a beginners Blackburn Fitness program as you obviously will not have the conditioning for instance of an elite body builder who may be able to train much harder, longer and at a higher intensity. Be patient this will come.
2. Nutrition is vitally important that you are eating enough to fuel your muscles and avoid a catabolic state (where your muscles waste due to lack of fuel). A great rule of thumb is to consume at least 2grams of protein per kg of body weight per day for a beginner to intermediate and up to 2.5-3grams for advanced weight trainers.
Also consider overall calories when simply bulking this is a simpler process as the make up of those calories does not need to be as clean however when aiming to keep body fat low and increase muscles mass you will need to eat a lot but as clean as possible.
Lots of healthy fats, low GI carbohydrates and plenty of protein the breakdown of this might look something like 30% fats, 30% carbs, 40% proteins. However you need to play around with this mixture to see what is ideal for your body type as not one steadfast rule will apply to every body type. Again consulting one of the Blackburn Personal Training team will certainly help get you on the right track for your body type.
3. Sleep for young body builders is often a key missing link as its often put off to go out with friends and stay up late doing other things. Sleep is where all of your muscle repair and growth happens. Growth hormone is released throughout your sleep allowing your body to recover and grow. 7-8 Hours per night is vitally important.
4. Adaptation is a word used when your body starts to adapt to the style of training plan you are using this may seam great as you will feel that you are improving and getting stronger however the danger here is that as your body adapts and gets better and stronger it begins to get less and less benefit from the training you are doing and hence it is time to change your routine. This may include new exercises or simply an increase in weights, repetitions & sets to again stress the muscles and cause the adaptation process to take place. This is where you progress from beginner to intermediate and then hopefully to advanced training methods and this is where The Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym team of Blackburn Personal Trainers can certainly help you progress at the best possible rate by providing you with specific training programs to suit your progress.
5. Supplements can play an integral part of increasing muscle mass and keeping body fat % to a minimum. Protein Powder can bridge the gap between your daily protein requirements as well as get fast protein into the body after a workout to start the recovery process, BCAAs can also play an integral part in recover and muscle growth to provide much required amino acids to the body. Outside of these 2 supplements you can spend a lot of money both Creatine & Glutamine are worth considering however any further supplements in the Personal Training Blackburn Teams eyes can be wasting money and your best bet is to spend that money on professional training and dietary advice.
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