8 Surprising Muscle Building Foods

8 Surprising Muscle Building Foods

8 Surprising Muscle Building Foods

Here at The Urban Fitness Club Blackburn, building muscle mass is not just about bulking up, rather it is about your specific goals as an increase in lean muscle mass can help everyone from young teenagers through to the elderly.

The right training motivation and ample nutrients can support your body’s different functions and goals such as muscle and tissue repairor growth, enhanced insulin sensitivity, and may boost your immune system. Building your muscle with the help of Blackburn Personal Training is great if your not sure where to start however your nutrition is also an important factor here. The best approach can be to eat a wide variety of high-in-protein foods since the amino acids found in these foods are required as the building blocks of muscles and tissue repair.

To develop muscle mass from a general rule you should aim for approximately 2-2.5g  of protein per kg of body weight per day and all meats contain proteins just some in differing quantities and quality than others.

Also consider that eating animal proteins will give you higher amounts of amino acids than vegetable proteins.

Our goal below is to give you some different food options that you may not have considered previously to help you gain that lean muscle mass you have been working hard for:

  1. KANGAROO yes you heard correct our coat of arms has the superior protein amount for building up muscle mass. It is high in amino acids and muscle building protiens but low in saturated fats, creatine enriched, great source of energy, carnitine that aids in fat usage for energy fuel, glutamine, glycine and glutathione as an immune-booster, and CLA that serves ans an anti-inflammatory and immune enhancer. Kangaroo has 22 grams of protein per 100 grams and only 1gram of fat.
  2. Cold Water Fish – Salmon is probably one of the best fish for the muscles, but it contains musch higher grams of protein if they came from wild since the farm raised are fed with artificial byproducts. These are high in omega 3 fatty acids for improved insulin health with creatine and carnitine contents. Other cold water fish are sardines, mackerel and anchovies all good for the muscles.
  3. Kefir another I am sure most have not heared about… Kefir is a European drink  that contains probiotics to improve gut health. It is created by fermenting milk and by adding kefir grain into it. During the fermenting process, they eliminate lactose found in milk, making it very suitable for those who have lactose intolerances. Kefir is high in protein, great for your gut and tastes god too!
  4. Coconut Oil, Its time to stop cooking with any other oils you may be using at present and start using coconut oil. It is a quickly absorbed medium chain fatty acid in the intestine that is carried to the liver and used for energy. Its also an excellent fat source for anyone that is trying to build muscle because it is a healthy oil, working on building muscle requires healthy fats in the body and not just proteins.
  5. Quinoa is also included because it is not a grain but rather a seed of which they have a relativly good amount of protein. Quinoa also contains a high amount of amino acid as the building blocks of protein and contains magnesium for insulin sensitivity.
  6. Nuts, yes nuts! Nuts are also included due to the fact that they are high in protein, healthy fats and antioxidants. Studies show that eating nuts may promote longevity of life. My pic of the nuts are Almonds as they are a great source of vitamin E and B, and so super easy to take as a healthy snack.
  7. Berries : Blueberry, Bilberry, Cherry, Raspberry are not typically known as muscle building foods but they are high in antioxidants that can help in accelerating muscle tissue repair for recovery and removal of waste products after an intense training session that can promote much faster recovery of your muscle tissue.
  8. Green tea and Yerba Mate these two powerful herbal plants are amazing for fat burning and known to transport glucose into your muscle cells rather than store it as fat. So it means, more muscle mass and less fat. Plus in addition to that, the antioxidant properties that can help in accelerating recovery from training and reducing liver damage.

If you would like further help or guidance with your nutrition visit our website at www.theurbanfitnessclub.com.au and book a time for a FREE consultation with one of our trainers to discuss options with you to get you on track.


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