5 Surprising Reasons Not to Skip Your Breakfast

As much as the saying goes, “In the morning, eat like a king; at dinner, eat like a pauper.” Well, I bet you were thinking now how is that so? Waking up in the morning is hard especially if you’re tired from the previous day and you want to gain some sleep, well, for longer periods or the usual reason behind missing your breakfast is you’re running late at school, work or before hitting the gym like The Urban Fitness Club Blackburn. So chances are you tend to miss them a lot. Breakfast indeed is the most important meal of the day and I hope you never have the chance of missing that first thing in the morning. Here is why!

Skipping breakfast can increase chances of heart attack

Studies have been suggested that it could link to obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and other problems that become a sign of underlying heart disease.

You need to “break the fast”

Have you ever wondered why breakfast is called “breakfast?” You need to “break the fast”. The moment we don’t eat anything because we are sleeping 6-8 hours at night, our body will respond to that and will slow down metabolic rate, long hours of fasting during those times that we are sleeping. And in order not to get our body to what is known as catabolic state (breaking down of muscle tissue), we need to eat. This is merely important especially for muscle building guys to know every detail.

Eat breakfast and weigh less

Experts suggest that eating your breakfast will have better probability of losing weight more effectively! Missing out a morning meal will bring your body to the point of starvation which is not good. The initial reaction of our body is to find food to sustain what’s being used up during the metabolic process and because of that, you will have shorter time to decide on healthy choices and that can further lead to fat gain. But losing fat is also much more effective if you include exercises on your daily routine with the help of the best personal training services in town, Urban Fitness Blackburn Personal Training team.

It’ll make you feel grouchy

Breakfast eaters are known to have a well-balanced mood, they can think more positively, and feel less stressed out. This is one of the main reasons why this is so important especially in doing your every day routine. Leaving your body without eating any food, especially in the morning for a long period of time can result to lower blood sugar level that can affect a person’s mood and judgment.

Your instant fuel for the day

Eat a heavy meal in the morning because you need that during the day to sustain your body with the energy that you need. If there are unexpected circumstances that might happen during the day, at least you are sure to have the energy and wit to be able to think straight and can make wise decisions. It’s better to be ready than sorry!

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