The Number 1 tip to help you reach your health & fitness goals

The Number 1 tip to help you reach your health & fitness goals

In a world where we are constantly harassed by companies trying to sell us the latest health and fitness fad, sometimes we often forget to go back to basics.  It’s worked for the last 1000 years so why try and change it now?  I hate to break it to you all out there, but there is no such things as cutting corners to reach your goals, and there probably never will be.  Diet pills won’t make you lose weight, ab machines won’t give you wash board abs etc. etc.  By now you probably all think I’m going to tell you that the number 1 tip to reaching your health and fitness goals is hard work.  Now that’s not exactly true, but it’s definitely a given that you get out what you put in, and that goes for anything in life, not just health and fitness.  The tip I am giving you is in my belief the most important thing to help you reach your goals, is ADHERENCE.

Adherence, for those of you that don’t know, is basically following a program that you set for yourself.  Without adherence, there is no regularity, no repetition, no structure, and no real goal.  In all my years working in the fitness industry, I have never seen someone reach a goal without adhering to a program. It might be as simple as walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes on a Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, or it might be doing a 6 day split weights program, but either way, you are much more likely to reach that goal if you adhere to the program.

The reason I believe this is the best tip I can give you, is because our bodies are an amazingly complex machine that is designed to work autonomously.  We get better at something the more we do it, and the more regularly we do it.  I could give you 100 examples of this but the easiest is probably a professional sports player.  They practice for years on end, training their body and their mind to become the best at something, and naturally they get better, sometimes to a point where they are the best in the world.    This person didn’t become the best in the world because they practiced a bit here or there, sometimes once a week, something 5 times a week.  They got there because they practiced 6 times a week for the better part of 10 years probably.  Eventually the skill that they were practicing whatever it may be became autonomous, i.e. they just do it without really having to think about it too much.  Now let’s say this person gets injured and has to spend 6 months doing rehabilitation.  They aren’t just going to return and be as good as they were before they got injured.  That’s because it’s not as autonomous as it was before.  All of a sudden this person has to remember how to do the skill that they were previously so good at, and they have to think about it, and practice it, until it becomes autonomous again!  I’m digressing though, so let me get back on point.

The way we teach our bodies to do something autonomously is by doing something regularly and repetitively, and that in essence is what adherence is.  Relating it back to your health and fitness in Blackburn, if your goal is to lose weight, regardless of the exercise program in Blackburn you’re doing, you are limiting your ability to reach this goal if you work out here or there, sometimes twice a week, something five times a week, sometimes not at all.  This is because the program never becomes autonomous, we never get better at it because we struggle every time we try and do it!  Whereas if you comes three times a week every week for six weeks, you will be closer to reaching your goals.  Yes eventually as we do get better at a program we start to lose the benefit so you need to constantly change your program, but that’s my point exactly, we get results because we get better at the program, and then when we change our program we do exactly the same thing again.

So that being said, my advice to you is this.  Set yourself a program and a goal that is attainable and adhere to it!  Don’t tell yourself you are going to come to the Urban Fitness Blackburn Gym four times a week if it’s not realistic or feasible, because when you don’t, you are no longer adhering to your fitness program.  You will get demotivated and probably come even less!  Whereas if you tell yourself to come to the gym twice a week, when you do that you are adhering to your program, you feel motivated and good about yourself so you go to the Urban fitness Blackburn gym again.  All of a sudden you are coming 3 times a week, that’s MORE than you originally planned, and you start getting some results.  It’s that easy!

So don’t get caught up in the latest fitness fad or trying to cut a corner with your health and fitness.  Set yourself a goal, write down your plan to reach that goal, adhere to that plan, and watch yourself achieve that goal!

Here at The urban Fitness Blackburn Gym we are all about attainable & sustainable fitness program design that will fit in with your lifestyle. If you are interested in receiving a FREE consultation with one of our Personal Trainers to discuss setting you up a  Fitness Blackburn Gym Exercise program that works for you, your ability to train, your goals, injuries and so on then please CLICK HERE to download a free assessment!

Daniel Hayes

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